Well hello! my name is Brigitte Benge

So you want to run an effective business, one that is profitable and can operate without you there 24/7? Then you NEED to come from a strategic business angle. Not from a quick-fix-crazy-promotion-angle that gives away everything except your first unborn child. But rather from a place that creates longevity, financial freedom and of course, time freedom.

After all, isn’t that why you opened your business in the first place. To have more? How's that working for you?

I'm a business strategist, which means that I help salon owners build their businesses from the inside out, STRATEGICALLY

With me, you'll learn how to lead your team, manage the day-to-day runnings of your business as well as learn viable marketing strategies that work and are profitable from the get-go. Your team will learn how reach and surpass all success salon business benchmarks; targets, retailing, rebooking and more. Consistently.

Before coaching beauty salons and skin clinics, I looked after the strategic growth of small and big businesses for 14 years as Account Director in leading national and international advertising agencies. Then for the next 16 years, I owned and operated 3 highly profitable salon businesses. The extensive knowledge of both industries has led me to become Australia’s leading Beauty Industry Coach.

Let's Get a Bit More Personal...

A childhood spent in France taught me early on about the importance of skin care. In France, skincare is second nature, as habitual as brushing one’s teeth. It’s not considered a luxury but rather a necessity. 

This upbringing would later impact my career and the working lives of hundreds of Australian beauty industry professionals.

Having moved to Australia, I enjoyed a successful career as an Account Director (Business Strategist) in leading national and international advertising agencies in both Melbourne and Sydney. Throughout this time, I noticed the beauty industry had problems. Across the board, what should be a flourishing industry was, in fact, an industry in deep trouble.

In 1996 I decided a sea change was required and I wanted to pursue a more personal passion. My goal was to coach salon owners to profitability but thought I better put my money where my mouth was and open my own salons first. Which I did. And they were very profitable. 

I began coaching beauty industry professionals in 2005 with just a few clients on my books but it wasn't long before I was coaching  hundreds of salons, and hundreds more therapists.

My academic qualifications, together with my business, hands-on salon experience and coaching expertise, have guided many salon owners to turn their salons into successful businesses; real businesses where high turnover, high productivity and high client and staff retention are all achieved as a matter of course.

Most importantly, I want you to know that I coach from an integral place. There are no filters between what what I know and what I share. To be honest, I am a businesswoman who long ago identified the value of working ON one’s business and not just IN it so that I can reap both the financial and time freedom reserved for only real entrepreneurs. I will teach you this wonderful luxury!



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