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#001 - The Start of a New Year

Jan 02, 2019

I know you started your business to be your own boss, work on YOUR terms, have more time with the family and make more money than just a weekly salary. That’s why you took the big financial risk isn’t?

In the words of Dr. Phil "So how’s that working for you?"

Are you working harder and longer than ever before. And for less? I’m sure some of you might be. CREAM Solutions is all about being strategic – building businesses that yield long term, consistent high profits without tying yourself to the cash register. What I mean by this is that your business makes profit not just because you’re in the salon working hard, long strenuous hours (also know as 'tied to the cash register) but rather your leading a team that is making the money FOR you. It’s the entrepreneurs that make more money, have more time, working less hours and working on THEIR teams without affecting profit. You can be that entrepreneur.

I want to talk to you about your goals.

So it’s the first trading day of the New Year and no doubt, you have made a resolution or two about your business moving forward.

According to the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology only 8% of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them. Sad heh? So the question that begs to be asked is why 92% of people are NOT achieving the goals they set for themselves in the new year? Well I have my own opinion on this which I hope will help you either revise this coming year’s goals or at least have a solid plan in making sure you achieve them.

(1) Unrealistic goals

Being realistic about WHAT is achievable is important and can’t be emphasised enough. You most definitely need to push yourself so I don’t mean to have goals that are too easy to achieve but be realistic about how many goals you set for yourself. Often, setting goals require a change of behaviour or creating a new habit and that in itself is a big task. It’s a mistake to try to change too many behaviours and habits too quickly. Be realistic, and if you achieve all the goals you set for yourself, who said you have to wait until next year to set yourself new and bigger goals?

(2) Specific goals

Half the problem sometimes is that people make goals that are too vague and they set themselves up to fail. For example a goal to focus more on skin treatments. What does that mean? How are you going to do it? Why are you going to do it? Do you have the products and treatments to be able to pull this goal off?

Or how about the goal of double your revenue. How are you going to do this? What resources do you need to look for? Do you know what you’re currently producing that you can put a figure on what ‘double’ is? Do you know what needs to change or what is not quite happening currently?

Or... Only employ great therapists. Do you know what makes a great therapist? What is actually NOT great about the therapists you have employed in the past or currently have? Do you have ‘recruiting’ plan? And even ask yourself, have you played a role in having mediocre therapists in your business?

These are only example questions you need to ask yourself about your goals. You need to do the work which leads me to the next one….

(3) No plan

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said…

A goal without a plan is just a wish. 

So stop with the ‘wishing’! If you don’t plan on how you’re going to reach your goal, nothing will happen. I mean nothing. Each goal needs to be broken down. Each goal needs a plan, a timeline and a deadline. So for example…let’s say you have a goal that this year you are definitely going to put in a Booking Policy in place to avoid and stop those pesky clients who keep cancelling at the last minute or not showing up at all. You’ve been meaning to do this for years but either things got in the way or the task just seemed too hard. Here’s what I suggest:

Goal: Have our Booking Policy in full force by March. Here’s what your timeline may look like:

(4) Be kind to yourself

If you set yourself a goal and you don’t achieve it, don’t just toss the goal out or think of yourself at failing at your goal. Either you need to rethink the goal or get the help you need to achieve the goal. So let’s take the example of the Booking Policy. If you don’t know how to develop the best strategy for your business or how to write the protocol and brief to your team, seek some help. Others are doing it successfully so there’s no reason you can’t. If you don’t have the skill or creativity to create the poster for the front desk, hire a graphic designer to do it for you. www.fiverr.com is a great and cheap resource for this. For just $5US, you could get the job done in a couple of days.

(5) Track and measure

Especially for goals that span over time like increasing your revenue, you need to have a measurement system to track your progress, maybe daily, weekly and monthly and then you need to have in place action plans to get you back on course if you’re not meeting the goals in time.

(6) Don’t give up

If a goal is important to you and to your business. Don’t get discouraged. You may fail. In fact I can guarantee that you WILL fail at some. The trick is to brush yourself off and GET UP again.

I hope this has given you a little support and a little direction in setting your goals this year and making sure that you set yourself up for success.

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