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#006 - Why Capturing The Male Market Should Be So Important To You

Jul 03, 2019

This is a particularly interesting topic for me because I’ve been urging salons to pay more attention to the male segment of the beauty industry for over 5 years now. THEN, I said it was growing exponentially, meaning, growing faster than it has ever before.

Of course, the female skincare market still DOMINATES however with the rise of the ‘metrosexual’, men are starting to gain more knowledge about skincare and pay more attention to their own grooming routine beyond the shaving and the after shave they wear.

Today, more and more men are prepared to invest not just more money into their grooming needs, but more time and effort.

I want to share some really important statistics with you that I have recently found in a research study conducted as recently as last year (2017).

The men’s toiletries growth is outpacing the growth of fragrances and shaving products. From a $17.5 BILLION dollar market in 2015, to almost $41 billion in 2018, it’s estimated to be sitting at almost $24 billion in 2020. That’s a lot of money spent that YOU need to be making efforts to claim your share.


The beauty giants such as L’Oréal, Clarins, Dove, Kiehl’s, Aveda and Clinique have already created dedicated brands for their male grooming products. They are doing this SOLELY for branding purposes to more easily tap into the unmet needs and growing trends. HOWEVER, it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s true that men’s skin are different to the skin on women, but if you carry a results-driven skincare range, YOUR RANGE will more than likely meet their needs BETTER and more effectively than those who are branding their products specifically to men. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that their products are no different to the women’s but packaged differently. Same formulations, different marketing and branding. That’s all.

You know that the biggest fundamental difference between men and women’s skin is that generally (but not always), men have higher levels of sebum production. You have to consider that, not only in the products you recommend but also in the texture of the products you sell to them. They’ll require AND PREFER a lighter product that will not feel heavy.

You’ll win at capturing this market in the recommendation, the consultation and the way you and your team prescribe the products (and treatments) best suited to the needs of the men.  

Other than that, your skincare range, should be golden.

Now is an exciting time for your business if you heed that the male market is an exciting and dynamic segment of the beauty industry. Taboos are slowing dropping and a growing number of men, are using anti-ageing products including serums and even masks!

If this hasn’t convinced you enough to pay attention, then how about the fact that the millennial male has greater disposable income, WANTING to spend more on looking good, younger, address their acne or other anti-ageing concerns.

You can see the proof by noticing the massive growth in ‘boutique’ barber shops and male-centric salons. If they can build a business around it, then it’s there for you too. You just have to make the effort of ‘positioning’ yourself as an expert who treats skin, female or male and that results come from the ingredients used in the right formulation and that these formulations are created in all good skincare, not skincare that says ‘for men’ on it.

Now here’s what else I want you to pay stronger attention to. Men have far greater brand loyalty than women. They’re not interested in shopping around or reading what New Ideas says about the different types of Vitamin C. All they want is stress free, hassle free solutions that provide results. They don’t want to shop around, and price is rarely a factor in their buying decision.

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