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#008 - When Was The Last Time You Had A Facial?

Aug 20, 2019

Or a course of peels, micros, a manicure or pedicure?

And what does YOUR skincare regime look like? Does it include at least 1 cleanser, an eye-makeup remover, an exfoliator, 3+ correctors (serums), 2 eye creams, 2 to 3 masks, 1 or 2 moisturisers, sun protection?

If it doesn’t resemble the above and if you don’t have a planned programme of treatments to treat your own skin, how on earth do you think you are going to be able to successfully sell such a programme to your clients? This is why you can’t successfully always sell full prescription of skin.

If you don’t value and believe that a solid homecare regime (including correctors and masks) is vital in undoing past damage, maintaining great skin and preventing further damage, how on earth are you going to be able to convince a client to invest in her own skincare regime?

If you don’t believe the ingredients in your ranges are the key to flawless, youthful skin, how will you convey this to your clients?

If it’s all too hard and you say you don’t have the time and it’s too expensive, then how can you possibly expect your clients to invest THEIR time and money in what you recommend?

How easy do you think it would be for a Vegan to effectively (and convincingly) sell a cooking course around meat-loving recipes? How easy would it be for an overweight person to sell a diet programme? Not easy.  

I am amazed by how many therapists (AND even salon owners) DON’T have a regular, effective skin care regime of products going. Or how poor their skin looks, or how few treatments they have themselves. I’ve even known therapists to say they’ve never had a facial performed on them by another therapist!

I’ve heard it all but here’s my all time favourite…..NOT.

“The boss says we have to come in on our own time for treatments. It’s not fair”.

WHAT THE ?#!*%

What do you think your clients do? Do you think your clients say to THEIR boss at 2pm on Thursday afternoon “I’m off to have a facial, micro and pedicure, see you tomorrow!” . And… if their boss won’t let them, do you think they say “It’s not fair!”


Or how about….“I can’t afford it”.

Really? You can’t afford to pay virtually half of what YOU EXPECT YOUR CLIENTS TO PAY? And you can’t afford to have a FREE treatment unless it’s on paid time?

There is absolutely no integrity in this and no amount of retail training, treatment training and even performance training is going to get you to your peak of possibility. If you don’t value what you’re wanting to sell, then it WILL show through. You may not even realise it that THIS is what is stopping you from reaching high performance levels.

If you don’t believe and perform with commitment to YOUR chosen profession, and practice everything you preach, you are in fact being a pushy salesperson – precisely what you say you’re most afraid of doing when trying to justify your low productivity. And there is no integrity in being pushy. Any success received this way is a fluke, a one-show pony, success with an expiry date. So often, clients will feel buyer’s remorse and don’t come back. It poisons your client retention rate.

And salon owners, why is it that you don’t insist on your team having regular treatments and monitor their skincare purchases to ensure they are practicing what they preach? Offering them free treatments and wholesale products is not enough. You must INSIST they have regular treatments and regularly invest in products. If they don’t, what does that say about them? Are they really going to achieve high productivity without it? How can you expect them to convince a client that a course of 6 micros in conjunction with 6 LED treatments at over $1,500 along with over $600 worth of retail purchased over time is fantastic value and IS EXACTLY WHAT THE CLIENT NEEDS to address their excessive dehydration, pigmentation and anti-ageing needs, If they don’t see the value in it for a fraction of what your clients pay, if anything at all. They simply cannot convey the value to their clients. 

THAT is the REAL REASON they don’t sell.

When I had my own salon, I remember the time I introduced a new high end skincare range where the 1-hour facial was $190. The therapists were so negative about it. “Too expensive, too hard to sell, nobody will buy it” is all that I heard. Until…… I asked the trainer to come in and perform this facial on each and every therapist in my employ. What do you think happened? Their mindset took a 180 degrees turn. The results were astounding, the experience ‘to die for’ and selling this treatment was a no brainer because the conversation came from somewhere deep within....from experience....from the heart....from place of belief and integrity.

They were successfully able to communicate to their clients that this treatment was results-driven and great value for money.

Now, was this treatment the monthly maintenance facial we recommended to our clients? No it wasn’t. But the girls were trained to recommend it every alternate month so one month it’s the regular $120 facial and the next month, it’s the $190 one. 

So let’s do some math for this example. A client who has a regular monthly facial will in effect spend an extra $420 a year. Multiply that by say 100 clients who regularly have monthly facials (amongst other things), that’s an EXTRA $42,000 annual revenue. All because the therapists had the facial themselves and placed themselves in a position to value it. They couldn’t have valued this high priced treatment if they hadn’t felt and seen the results for themselves…on themselves.

You see what actually happens when you practice what you preach is that your job becomes easier. It’s much easier to sell a treatment you’ve experienced and believe in and a product you use yourself than ones you haven’t. Makes sense right?

Truth is, practicing what you preach is not the only reason why a therapist’s productivity will soar. Of course knowledge and skill is paramount but as I said at the beginning of this article, without it, all the knowledge and training in the world will do zip for your long-term productivity if you’re not passionate and committed to what you say and do. 

Here’s what I think. Over time, a lot of therapists/owners, have lost something important. Passion. Commitment. Perhaps due to pressure or the stresses and challenges faced on a daily basis. And instead of reclaiming the passion they had when they first entered this industry, they look for short-term, desperate and reactive solutions to increasing the revenue of the business. Doesn’t work. Not in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Genuine belief, passion and dedication to skincare is where it all starts. Where all the strength in business building lies. If you don’t have it, you’re always be limited in your growth expectations, businesses expectations, client loyalty expectations and in YOUR expectation in being a highly productive therapist or business.

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