If there was a PREDICTABLE STEP-BY-STEP way to SUBSTANTIALLY increase the productivity levels of your therapists, without confusion, stress, fear or overwhelm....

Would you want to get your hands on it?


The next intake of the
starts February 3rd 2020

Imagine what your life would look like if...

... (1) all your therapists consistently exceeded their targets and
... (2) you had a business you absolutely loved?

You would absolutely LOVE your life, because your therapists would be High Performing Therapists!

Here's how I define a high performing therapist...

  • Produces a minimum of $130/hour... $4,940/week... just short of $250,000/year! That's right, 1/4 of a million dollars a year. MINIMUM. [Many alumni students from this programme produce in excess of that]
  • Writes a skin prescription for EVERY skin client which includes a homecare and treatment strategy for the next 3 to 6 months [When I say 'every skin client' I mean 100% of her skin clients, not 90% or 50%]
  • Effectively communicates and sells-through the skin prescription and ensures the skin client invests in the homecare and enrols in the recommended treatment programme [with a minimum 80% conversion]
  • Because of the above, she sells courses of treatments, not single treatments [Why? Because she's fully aware that a single treatment is not going to do anything for long term change/result]
  • She effectively rebooks and prebooks her clients, knows how to upsell and cross sell and effectively follows up her clients as an extraordinary service provider
  • She 'plans' the positive outcome of every appointment visit [the secret sauce of this programme]


Do ALL your therapists meet the above benchmarks....Consistently?

No? Then you need to read on...

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Low or average performers are leaving thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on the table, every day.

And every day they don't meet their requirements, that's a day of losses you can never recover. 
These losses mount up and is exactly why you're not making a profit or the profit you would like.

It's not like your landlord is going to give you a break when productivity is down

YOU KNOW that whether they meet their productivity requirements or not, the wages still need to be paid, the landlord still wants his rent, your suppliers still need you to pay their invoices and every other expense you face doesn't go away either. So if your therapists aren't producing enough to meet these expenses, that's money coming straight out of YOUR pocket. Opportunities are being lost. Unnecessarily.

No doubt, when you broach the subject of low productivity, you're met with answers like... "I'm trying my best", "The client says she can't afford it", "The client says she'll think about it".

No more.

  • If every Monday morning, your appointment books are not 85%-90% filled (no more than 15% downtime), you’re leaving money on the table, big time. Chances are, your therapists are not rebooking effectively or optimising the frequency of treatments clients need for real results. No more.
  • If your retail % is less than 40%-50% of the total revenue, again BIG OPPORTUNITIES ARE BEING MISSED which cost you way more than you might think. No more. Low retailing is in fact LOSING YOU CLIENTS. How? Retailing is not just about bringing more money into the business, it’s way more about successfully delivering results which after all, is ALL your clients want, will pay for and the ONLY reason they'll come back. Results feed client loyalty, which feeds client frequency, which feeds client spend and client referrals
  • I want you to think of having unproductive therapists, like having a valuable piece of real estate unrented. They’re taking up the space of a high performer you could be employing instead and yet paying the same wage. For example, right now you have a therapist producing $2,500 a week. FOR THE SAME WAGE, you could have another therapist producing $5,000 a week. Same cost to you but double the revenue. That’s over $130,000 an unproductive therapist is costing you a year! It absolutely makes no sense to keep unproductive therapists on. Yet still so many do. No more.

We both know you didn't make the huge financial and emotional commitment of going into your own business for a mediocre or unprofitable payout. Nah ah. Surely you did it to make big profits to improve your personal lifestyle. So that you can give your family and yourself, that little bit more. Bet you’re making less money, working harder, longer hours, with greater stress than when you were employed! Am I right? Time to change all that.


So here's the good news...

Developing therapists into consistent high performers is easier than you think

If you’ve made it this far, then you already realise that knowing how to perform a skin consultation, upselling, cross selling, rebooking, recalling, selling courses of treatments and planning out client visits is critical to the success of your therapists’ performance levels.

But perhaps what you don’t know is that by putting your team through the High Performance Therapist Academy, you will not only increase your overall productivity (revenue) exponentially, but here’s what else will happen:

  • Your client retention levels will increase dramatically as your therapists will be providing your clients with results-driven outcomes which after all, is the only thing your clients actually want. Right? Your clients don’t love dropping a few hundred dollars a month for nothing. They expect something out of it and once they get it… WOW! They become addicted and committed to the results they’re receiving and come back time after time
  • You’ll attract a higher level of clients, as your reputation for ‘results’ grows through referrals and the ability to communicate your professionalism through social channels
  • Greater productivity means that you’ll be in a position to pay generous incentives to high performers which will do so much for your employee retention. What kind of therapist wants to leave a business that generously rewards her for her hard work? Ah.... none. Not to mention how much happier, more driven and more committed will your therapists be when there’s a direct reward for increased effort?
  • Your profit levels will soar. Remember the real estate analogy? Imagine doubling your annual revenue with little if no increase in expense? That’s profit baby! And profit is the only way you’re going to take home more money for yourself. And what does more money buy? Well… the list is endless but how about we start with the house of your dreams, the car you’ve always wanted, the family holidays and the lifestyle of never having to worry about how you’re going to pay the bills?
  • And money buys you TIME! When therapists are producing at their peak, your business runs like a well oiled machine and you can work (or not) when you want! You’re not at all tied to the cash register. In other words, productivity doesn’t depend on YOU doing the treatments or you being at your business 10 hours a day, 6 days a week
  • You will have more time to spend on ‘growing’ your business. Concentrating on growth strategies to scale the revenue and profit you make

All of this is within your reach even if you have therapists currently producing as little as $60/hour.  Past students have doubled their productivity in less than 90 days. So many alumni are now reaching levels of over $200/hour…..consistently.


The most advanced, comprehensive ‘what’s working now’ productivity system that secures huge productivity growth by leveraging powerful strategies, tools and effective scripting….

So How does the High Performance Therapist Academy Work?

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Training Portal

Upon registration, you'll be provided with your exclusive username and password to access the training portal with immediate access to the welcome videos for the whole team to watch.

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Comprehensive Workbook

To help you with time, every lesson has a full transcript of the video for you to print and distribute to your team to build their workbook. This workbook will become their 'high performance' resource for life!

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Accountability Emails

Every week you'll be sent detailed accountability emails teaching you how to take your team through the programme, hold them accountable and monitor their progress. 

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Weekly Interactive Live Zoom Sessions

Every week, you and your team are invited to attend a live interactive Q+A session with Brigitte where she will answer all questions pertaining to the previous lessons covered. These sessions have proven extremely popular with therapists gaining confidence, inspiration and support. In the event someone is unable to attend the training live, they won't miss out! Each meeting is recorded and uploaded to the portal. 

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Even more support!

In addition to the live sessions, therapists can ask Brigitte  questions any time. Every video has a comments section where therapists can ask questions or ask advice on any challenge.

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Exercises and Homework

There are exercises in all modules designed to hold your team accountable to what they've learned, ensuring they understand and immediately applying them to every client.

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So much is included in the programme, saving you hundreds of dollars. Templates, protocols, case studies and more are included  at no additional cost.

Here's what's covered in the programme

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Pre Programme Preparations

Participating in the High Performance Therapist Academy takes a little preparation from you and the team which includes watching some Pre-Programme videos, allocating time for the therapists to to work on the programme and attend the LIVE Q+As, do the homework and apply what is learnt. More importantly I give you a couple of tools to inspire the team to get on board and seize the opportunity you've offered them. 

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Week 1 Business Concepts

This is where I do the work most salon owners don’t want to, know how to or feel awkward doing. I get inside your therapists’ heads. In an inspiring yet effective way, I cover the lowdown of the need for high productivity, from the difference between a good employee and a high performer to what the clients REALLY wants from them, what they're prepared to pay for and what the therapists REALLY need to sell.

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Week 2 New Client Consultation Form

The New Client Consultation Form is the most important tool a therapist has at her disposal and yet it's way undervalued and often incorrectly used (if at all). Once a therapist truly appreciates the 'gold' handed to her upon meeting her client, her high performance journey is underway. This detailed module covers how to best meet the clients’ needs using this form in her consultation to meeting the needs of the business (profit). 

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Week 3 Servicing Essentials

A favourite module amongst so many alumni students. Full of revenue-generating strategies like upselling, cross selling, rebooking, effective client history notes, recalling and selling courses, this module upskills the therapist without fear of being pushy, overselling and other barriers to selling, therapists face on a day-to-day basis.

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Week 4 Consultations and Prescriptions

You AND your team will LOVE this module as it reveals the secret to writing and delivering product and treatment prescriptions including successfully getting the products over the counter, the dialogue to selling a programme of skin treatments, instead of a single treatment and securing the rebooking. No 'pushing' required. In fact, no pushing allowed!

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Week 5 Strategising Appointments

The pinnacle of the programme where all is brought together with the final strategy. High Performance is  about creating a win/win/win. The client wins through results, the business through profitability and the therapist through a greater earning potential. Without this step, productivity CAN NEVER be optimised and bye bye win/win/win.


BONUS 1 - Productivity and Tracking Report. You'll receive a Productivity Tracking Report template to track your team’s productivity. The template breaks down retail, treatment and rebooking rates for each therapist. You plug in the figures and the template works it all out for you. It even automatically accumulates all the information to show you how overall productivity is tracking as a business. Comes with a comprehensive video explaining how to use and how to address progress with your team members week by week. Value $250

BONUS 2 - Weekly Live Group Q+A Session with Brigitte. For every question asked on the NCCF, there's a corresponding answer inside of the NCCF Protocol.Value $600

BONUS 3 -  Therapist Workbook. The Therapist workbook is a powerful time management resource for beauty therapists that empowers and inspire therapists to achieve the productivity levels expected. It’s a workbook kept in their clip folder and worked on every single day. And includes a super bonus to the bonus which is the CREAM SOLUTIONS productivity incentive table that lists what incentive you can give your therapists that is both affordable to you and perceived as generous to them. This table has been calculated very carefully using a algorithm I’ve developed that ensures that no matter how much you pay your therapists in base wage and incentives, it never exceeds the important benchmark of wages being less than 30% of total revenue. Includes a detailed training video. Value $199

BONUS 4 - Full Transcripts of every lesson. No more frantic note taking. This will become an invaluable and comprehensive workbook everyone can refer to, for life! Value Priceless!

It all starts on Monday February 3rd 2020

Declare 2020 your year of increased productivity no matter where your productivity is right now. HPTA is a proven system that when followed CANNOT NOT work. The sooner you book, the sooner you can get started on the pre programme preparations.









Price is PER SALON not per therapist!* 

That's right. Whether you have one therapist or 6, the price is the same, $997 per salon*.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the weekly Zoom calls with Brigitte, there are a limited number of salons accepted per intake. First in best dressed. 

* Up to 8 therapists per salon

Price Per Salon


(Save $103)


* Price includes up to 8 therapists


Payment Plan Price


(For 6 weeks)

6 payments of $187 each

* Price includes up to 8 therapists


14-Day Risk Free Guarantee

If within 14 days, you are not blown away by what the High Performance Therapist Academy has to offer, then simply email Brigitte Benge at [email protected] and your full payment will be refunded. Absolutely no questions asked

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