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Here's what I know for sure...

Your clients only want one thing  – Results.

And only one thing to stay – Consistent results

Brigitte Benge

The Programmes

Leadership and Management
Academy - LAMA

LAMA is YOUR BRAND. It’s about learning how to lead and manage a high performing team, but there’s so much that needs to be established before that can be done. Before the leading, you need to get clear on who you are as a company, what your business stands for and what kind of vibe you want your business to operate at. Why should clients choose your business above all others? And it’s about creating and implementing the systems and process required so that your business runs like clockwork.

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High Performance Therapist
Academy - HPTA

HPTA is YOUR CREW. It’s about learning how to train your team so that they become genuine consistent high-performers regardless of whether you are present or not. Instead of just working shifts, everything they do is centered around fulfilling two objectives: over-delivering results to their clients and maximizing revenue for the business. If every minute of your team’s time is not optimized, business profits flatline. One without the other is not real and it’s impossible to sustain.


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Marketing and Retention
Academy - MARA

MARA is YOUR HOOK. It’s about separating the wheat from the chaff. There is a danger to blindly following internet cowboys out there, who are trying to teach salon owners to create rogue advertising campaigns, run endless promotions and offers, and increase ad-spend without thinking about the number one objective a beauty business needs to thrive - selling skin journeys, not single one-off treatments. Therefore marketing MUST be centered on creating and sustaining retention or else it will fail.


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THE Membership

CREAM Mastermind 

Or, you could go with the membership where you get LAMA and MARA, more AND direct access to Brigitte to answer your questions and coach you personally.  Click below to find out about the CREAM Mastermind. 

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Who is Brigitte Benge?

First and foremost, Brigitte Benge is a business builder.

Brigitte Benge has spent the past 15 years coaching salon and skin clinic owners to be business women (or men) to complement their own beauty therapy skills. To be profitable, you need both skills.

Creating, building and sustaining profitable businesses is where her focus and expertise lies. Specialising in the beauty industry is where her passion lies.

Rarely are the two combined in one coach. Brigitte’s passion and commitment to the beauty industry is so strong that you would often mistake her for being a knowledgeable skin expert. And to an extent she is, as she spent the better part of two decades immersing herself in understanding the skin, ingredients and how ingredients work on the skin to provide the ultimate result in ‘skin management’ all the while running salons which in turn became highly profitable skin clinics.

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