Every day, credit card in hand, thousands of people are on the internet searching for somewhere or someone to help them achieve their best possible skin.


Question is….

Are they going to find it in your business?



The most proven high performance programme for skin therapists

HPTA is for YOUR TEAM. It’s about training your team to become genuinely consistent high performers, regardless of whether you are present in the business or not.

Instead of just turning up for shifts, everything they do is centered around fulfilling two objectives:

  1. Over-delivering results to their clients and
  2. Maximizing revenue for the business.

If every minute of your team’s time is not optimized, business profits flatline. If they overdeliver on results, the clients won't come back. One without the other is what's stopping therapists and businesses from continually growing their revenue and their profits. 

HPTA is now available as a self-study programme. You get all the invaluable training PLUS support from Brigitte inside the portal.


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The Definitive Guide to Measuring the Profitability of Your therapists


The Essential Planning Blueprint


First and foremost, Brigitte Benge is a Business Builder.

Brigitte has spent the past 15 years coaching salon and skin clinic owners to be business women (or men) to complement their own beauty therapy skills. To be profitable, you need both skills.

Creating, building and sustaining profitable businesses is where her focus and expertise lies. Specialising in the beauty industry is where her passion lies.

Rarely are the two combined in one coach. Brigitte’s passion and commitment to the beauty industry is so strong that you would often mistake her for being a knowledgeable skin expert. And to an extent she is, as she spent the better part of two decades immersing herself in understanding the skin, ingredients and how ingredients work on the skin to provide the ultimate result in ‘skin management’ all the while running salons which in turn became highly profitable skin clinics.

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The Secret to Retailing

Benefit > Cost

If you want to get your product over the counter, demonstrate that the benefit the client receives is greater than the money she pays


People do what they do....because they can
Because somebody lets them
Because YOU let them
Stop letting them

Kylie Hayden
Face of Man

"Two of my favourite people in the world, Brigitte and Oprah! Hand on heart, you have both helped me equally! xx"

Eliza Souter-Robertson
Redefine Skin Clinic

"I owe so much to BB. She helped me become a business woman, not just a beauty therapist running a salon."

Karen George
Artisan Aesthetic Clinics

"What can I say? Brigitte is a legend. She set out to change the face of the beauty industry and she is doing just that!"

Cynthia Tunbridge
The Spa

"Brigitte is the most amazing, giving, passionate, inspirational, practical, honest, sincere woman I know!! Her generosity of spirit is endless!"

Clare Lamberth
Beauty on Latrobe

Brigitte is nothing short of brilliant, insightful, EXCEPTIONAL! She has helped me change my business and my team in ways I never knew possible and in a few short months!

Debbie McGregor
Total Body Concepts

"Brigitte is one in a million. No matter how far up the bar you are, there's always more, better, brighter, bigger success and fulfilment to be achieved"

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