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Hi I'm Brigitte

I train beauty therapists to high performance so they meet and exceed productivity expectations via the HIGH PERFORMANCE THERAPIST ACADEMY .

I help beauty salon owners (specifically those placing or wanting to place their focus on skin) lead their team and manage their business to facilitate therapists meet and exceed productivity expectations via the LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT ACADEMY

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Do you know what your therapist is REALLY costing you? But REALLY costing you? It’s definitely not the hourly rate she’s on.

There are hidden costs that are real, but you haven’t taken into consideration.

Sign up to this free video training to learn of these hidden costs PLUS get access to the calculator template that will help you work it out for yourself!

Two Results-Driven Programmes

(For salon owners)

An exclusive monthly membership programme where members have access a vault of business courses, promotional strategies and effective success-driven tools no salon should be operating without.  Plus…. so much more including direct daily access to Brigitte to ask anything you want. (It's like having a coach on tap without having to pay Brigitte’s $200/hour private coaching fee). You'll never have to go it alone ever again.

What’s included in CREAM Mastermind is priceless. Click below to find out in great detail all this membership has to offer.


(For staff/therapists)

You cannot hire high performing therapists. You have to create them! 
The High Performance Therapist Academy is undoubtedly the best therapist performance training available today. Hundreds of salon owners who have already put their team through HPTA will attest to this. Past students have doubled their productivity in less than 90 days. And so many alumni are now reaching levels of over $200/hour…..consistently.

Click below to find out more about this comprehensive 8 week programme.


Who is Brigitte Benge?

First and foremost, Brigitte Benge is a business builder.

Brigitte Benge has spent the past 13 years coaching salon and skin clinic owners to be business women (or men) to complement their own beauty therapy skills. To be profitable, you need both skills.

Creating, building and sustaining profitable businesses is where her focus and expertise lies. Specialising in the beauty industry is where her passion lies.

Rarely are the two combined in one coach. Brigitte’s passion and commitment to the beauty industry is so strong that you would often mistake her for being a knowledgeable skin expert. And to an extent she is, as she spent the better part of two decades immersing herself in understanding the skin, ingredients and how ingredients work on the skin to provide the ultimate result in ‘skin management’ all the while running salons which in turn became highly profitable skin clinics.

Learn how Brigitte Can Help You

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What Other's Are Saying About Brigitte

I want to share our success with Brigitte's January promotional strategy from the
Cream Gold Membership.

For a time that’s traditionally quiet in our industry, we have had an amazing January. Our income increased 35% from last January. Our total income in January was nearly as good as our December income, only $2000 difference. The girls were busy with a booking percentage of 92%! Our overall hourly productivity increased by $10 per hour, which means every full time therapist bought an extra $1745 to the business at NO extra cost to the business!

I feel the importance of this promotion is to really ‘work it’ in December. When we opened in the new year it meant our books were full already! Definitely an awesome feeling! Also by having a great January, it sets the tone for the rest of the year with the team, they are buzzing! 

As always thanks so much, Brigitte 

Karyn George
Rewind Skin Clinic

James Vivian,
James Vivian Dermal Therapies

I have been a client of Brigitte Benge’s for over 4 years. Throughout this time, Brigitte has helped me through a series of business-related transitions that have resulted in highly-successful outcomes.

In addition, Brigitte responds to the changing face of our industry and creates courses and content to help guide us through these changes with ease and success.

Having owned her own successful skincare business, Brigitte has literally put her money where her mouth is and has proved that her methods work - and they do!

Brigitte is extremely generous with her wisdom, often offering courses and literature for free, and her passion for what she does is omnipresent in every word she writes and says.

My business would honestly not be where it is today without the encouragement and support of Brigitte and I would urge anyone wishing to take their business to the next level to spend some time with Brigitte. You won’t regret it.

Brigitte, Brigitte.....We set a goal this time last year. The last half of last year I worked harder than I could have ever imagined. I was back in the clinic full time after a staff member left and learning through you to work ON the business. I believed you and believed in myself because you believed in me. I was hungry to achieve my goal, though at times I wasn’t sure I was going to make it... I often felt like I was spiralling out of control but I kept my eye on the prize, OUR goal!

Well here we are. And yes, I HAVE made it. I am no longer a “glorified therapist” with my business 100% reliant on me working in it. I’m making good money so can provide my family with nice things. I have a GREAT passionate, committed and loyal team. I have time with my precious family. I am PRESENT with my kids. I have booked a holiday with my family, confident that the clinic will continue to produce and flourish while I’m away. I have the flexibility to take time off when I need. I have time for ME. I have time to really concentrate on working ON the business. I’m excited to see where we take the business this year.

So THANK YOU....sincerely from my heart... What you do is life changing. I have so much love and admiration for you. Ox

Lizzy Dundee,
Universal Advanced Skin and Body Clinic

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