Wages & Incentives Course

The complete guide to WHAT to pay your therapists, WHAT productivity expectation to have for that pay and WHEN to pay more.

This robust course includes the CREAM Solutions' Bonus system with tables indicating exactly what incentive bonus to pay and for what productivity level reached, making sure it's extremely affordable to you and generous for your therapists. No more guessing. BONUS: A very exciting employee retention strategy has been built in to the incentives table. 

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Policies & Procedures Manual

THE MOST comprehensive systems manual available to salon and skin clinic o

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Private Coaching

Whether you'd like a single session for help with direction or a package to help you achieve a goal, you have 3 coaching options

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High Performance Therapist Academy

January 24th to March 6th 2022

Interested in your skin therapists producing in excess of $6,000/week. EACH? High Performance Therapist Academy is the most proven,‘complete’ productivity programme for skin therapists and estheticians.

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Mastermind Business School

A monthly membership with access to a vault of business courses and monthly Masterclasses complemented by access to renowned expert business coach Brigitte Benge, and so much more. 

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