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The toughest part of running a salon/skin clinic is doing it alone

Every problem is essentially YOURS to fix, every lost dollar affects YOUR bottom line, and every process is YOURS to improve.Cream Gold exists to provide you with the business support you need in order to take your salon to the next level. You are NOT alone when you are a Cream Gold Member.

It's like having all the coaching you need plus a coach-on-tap AND a community of like-minded peers at your continual fingertips. 

EVERY course and promotional strategy I’ve produced within my past 12 years of coaching is NOW going to be included in the membership
Every workshop I've ever conducted will be transformed into a course or products. OMGoodness, EVERYTHING! Literally thousands of dollars worth of education for only a monthly membership fee!

Plus you still get unlimited access to the private Facebook page AND you get to be a part of the montly meetups where we discuss questions and concerns of real members just like you.

A CREAM Gold Membership should be your first strategy toward exponentially increasing profits at your salon. In fact, it’s so comprehensive, you’ll never need another coaching resource again!


Promotional Strategy Vault

Your membership comes with a vault of effective promotional strategies, complete with coaching video a formal, comprehensive brief that you can use to brief your team.


From how to facilitate a booking policy into your business to how to make sure you have the most optimised money-making website (virtual shopfront), CREAM Gold's courses are insightful, ste-by-step, extensive and EASY to follow.


The infamous CREAM Solutions Front Desk Workbook and Therapist Workbook, sold to hundreds of salons around the world are among the tools now available to you exclusively on CREAM Gold.

Videos on Business

A large range of coaching videos on business topics. From how to effectively roster your team to answering the forever asked question 'Who does the sale belong to?'. These videos will support your on your journey to better business and profitability

Quick How Tos

Ever wondered how to 'save' a post on Facebook? Or how to calculate payment plans on courses you sell but making sure you're always ahead. In the Quick How Tos and freebies, you'll find out and soooo much more!

Webinar Recordings

When Brigitte puts on an open webinar to the public, the recordings are exclusively available to CREAM Gold Members Only!


Facebook Group

Whether you have a question or just need some advice, access your coach and peers on the CREAM GoldCommunity Group Page around the clock. 

1st and 3rd Monday of the Month - Live Q+A

Live Meet up on Zoom where I will answer ANY question you have about your business. Questions can be submitted anonymously. 

Every Meet Up is recorded and made available to you on your membership site within 24 hours.

2nd Monday of the month - Hot Seats!

Two members are spotlighted and will receive a private coaching session with me where I'll address directly any issues they have or anything they want to workshop with me with the rest of the members there to support. 

Every Meet Up is recorded and made available to you on your membership site within 24 hours.

4th Monday of the Month - Coach Brigitte

In this session, I'll be taking members through a coaching session on a particular topic.

Every Meet Up is recorded and made available to you on your membership site within 24 hours.


I firmly stand behind the value of my products and my reputation for delivery world-class, results-orientated training. I back CREAM Gold with a 30-Day, 100% money back guarantee. 

You have absolutely nothing to lose giving CREAM Gold a try. If after 30 days, you don’t see the incredible value it can provide your business, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Brigitte Benge

Existing Members...

"As a business owner no-one is there to make you accountable and be YOUR cheerleader! Then there is Brigitte Benge calling you out and keeping it real!"
- Angela Ward, Bellissimo Skin & Body

"CREAM Gold is the most comprehensive, informative, helpful, supportive group I have ever belonged to in my career. With CREAM Gold I have gained confidence and grown as a business person. Brigitte Benge is one of the most influential people in my life, someone who I respect and admire and most of all, like. Brigitte is straight to the point, no nonsense and will keep you on track even when you didn't realize you were off track. Her meet ups and advice are a godsend and when I need her she is ALWAYS there - be it in the CREAM Gold website, facebook page or in the webinars and videos. Brigitte is beyond generous with her time and expertise and I have NEVER felt that my membership is not value for money. If anything, I think she’s crazy for charging what she does. Brigitte is your cheerleader, your logic and your business partner and a friend. Brigitte Benge is priceless. xx"
- Lani Miskimmon, Envy the Beauty Specialists

"I simply could not run my business without the help and support from CREAM Gold and Brigitte. No problem is ever too big and I love having the support and input from other business owners. This has saved me not only my time, but also my sanity!"
- Alana Dyer, Peninsula Life Medispa

"Brigitte Benge is a legend. She set out to change the face of the beauty industry and she is doing just that. CREAM Gold has been the best investment I have ever made in my business. Brigitte knows her stuff and her work is just invaluable. She is so sincere and passionate about making a difference to each and every one of her clients and goes above and beyond to help us get the results. It was a huge transition for me to come off the tools so I can solely focus on the business and Brigitte was there to support and guide me all the way. I am so grateful that I am able to work with Brigitte ongoing. I think she is simply a genius."
- Karen Meiring de Gonzalez, Skin Correctives

"I highly recommend Brigitte and CREAM Gold for every salon owner. It has made a big difference to the way I tackle business and promotions within my business."
- Natalie Arakelian, Euphoria Beauty

"You are an amazing woman, who constantly gives so much to so many people. Although I am one of those very quiet people who doesn't say much, I am in constant awe of fellow salon owners and you, Brigitte. For anyone considering CREAM Gold, my advice… JUST DO IT!! You will never look back. The knowledge, expertise and advice of Brigitte Benge is priceless!!"
- Cynthia Tynbridge, the Spa

"I have done a lot of business courses in the past but I love how with Brigitte is all tailored specifically to our industry. She doesn't hold back and tells it like it is but at the same time is one of the most caring, generous and genuine people I know."
- Karyn George, Rewind Skin Clinic

"CREAM Gold is the least expensive but most valuable investment I have made for my business of 26 years. Brigitte is always there with her guidance and support which is second to none. There is not a day that goes by that I don't use Brigitte's strategies to run my business."
- Shirley Garratt, Manhattan Skin & Laser Clinic

"Brigitte's expertise in this industry is second to none."
- Lorraine Cloake, Euphoria Hair Beauty Spa

CREAM Gold Terms and Conditions

Monthly Renewal
Your CREAM Gold membership, automatically renews every month on the anniversary date of original purchase until you cancel your membership. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must do so 2 business days before the membership renews each month to avoid billing of the next month’s membership fees. To cancel your subscription email [email protected] 

Access to Membership Content
Access to all products, courses and anything else provided as part of the membership is available only whilst you are a CREAM Gold member. If membership is cancelled, access to membership content will cease.

Facebook Community
Upon joining, make sure you request to join the Private Facebook CREAM Gold group page by clicking on the link below. If you terminate your membership, you will no longer have access to this community page.

The CREAM Gold Membership does not include the Team Member Development Programme, The Leadership and Management Academy or the CREAM Policies and Procedures Manual.


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