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CREAM Mastermind

Unique ongoing coaching and support for beauty salons, skin clinics and medspa owners

If you’d rest easier at night and feel more confident going to work every day knowing you had a business coach at your fingertips with success-orientated advice along with a priceless trove of industry-specific coaching courses, CREAM Mastermind is the must-have membership.

Let me be REALLY CLEAR on what I mean here about 'industry-specific'.

There's the beauty industry and there's the hair industry. Completely different from one another, facing different problems and challenges. I solely coach the beauty industry and even more niched, I coach beauty salons who have (or want) a stronger focus on skin treatments.

In CREAM Mastermind, you receive all the coaching and guidance you need to lead and manage your skin focused business to profitability and predictability. Anytime you need it. When you’re a Mastermind member, you are NEVER alone on your journey to operate a successful business.

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CREAM Mastermind is all about providing you with on-demand EXPERT SUPPORT, knowledge and expertise on what it takes to run a consistently highly profitable and high-performing beauty salon, skin clinic or medspa

And to be honest, there is nothing even remotely similar available on the market. Private coaching costs a lot of money and group coaching is often generic. The combination of specific online courses you can take inside of the Mastermind combined with access to an expert industry coach to answer YOUR unique questions and help you with your unique challenges, makes CREAM Mastermind an affordable education opportunity not available anywhere else

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A note from Brigitte...

I want to give you 3 reasons why CREAM Mastermind is different from any other membership of its kind

  • Niche-Specific
    The most important distinction is that I only coach beauty salons, skin clinics and medspas ONLY. The beauty industry is vastly different from the hair industry and strategies that apply to one industry, mostly don't apply to the other. Team cultures are different, the leadership style you need to adopt is different, and the level of ongoing education required to keep your therapists up to date and high performing is completely different. My strategies are specialist, not generalist.
  • Current
    I may be a veteran coach in this industry, but my superpower is keeping up with the speed of changes not just in our industry but in our digital world.

    Expect to learn modern and up-to-date leadership skills, not archaic ones that no longer don’t work and are in fact counter-intuitive to managing and inspiring today’s Gens X, Y and even Z generations.

    Coaching is regularly updated to reflect what's relevant at any given point in time.

  • 3 Levels of Support
    If there’s one thing you can count on in CREAM Mastermind, it’s the level of personal support you’ll get. I pride myself on being an over-deliverer and treating everyone individually

    (1) Every Monday you’ll join me on a Zoom call with your peers for an open Q+A Coaching session

    (2) Every month, at least two but often more members get to have a private coaching session (clarity call) with me where the time and attention is just placed on them

    (3) All the daily support you need inside a fab Facebook group. There you can ask me for help and support between live Q+A Coaching calls

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This is for you if:

  • You're ready to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time
  • You’re tired of trial and error; whether it’s a promo or getting a therapist to behave in a certain way and it doesn’t work more often than it does
  • You’re overwhelmed by doing it all on your own
  • You want a trusted expert in your corner coaching you and there to answer all your questions
  • You're tired of not knowing how to take your business to the next level

Here's What's Included

Courses & Tools

CREAM Mastermind offers access to a library of in-depth, step-by-step, actionable courses. These courses will help you fine-tune aspects of the day-day-day running of your business from creating a profitable website that actually works for you (like an unpaid employee), all the way to how to enforce a booking policy, introduce effective reward programmes and so much more. You also gain access to CREAM signature tools like the Front Desk Workbook and the Beauty Therapist Workbook. And remember, further support on these courses and tools is available to you around the clock. New courses are added on a regular basis. 

DFY Promotional Strategies

You'll also have access to a valuable vault of done-for-you promotional strategies. Not just ideas, but comprehensive strategies that will support you plan promotions in advance, secure profitability and meet a set of objectives and success goals. Strategies include detailed team briefs, providing your team with all the tools they need from learning how to sell the promotion, what to say, who to target the promotion to and of course it lets them know the target they need to meet. Each strategy also helps the business owner plan and create the promotional support required around the promotion. 

Q+A Coaching Calls

Every Monday, Brigitte hosts a LIVE Q+A Coaching Zoom call where members can attend live and ask any question or for any advice or support on an area of their business. Questions are pre-submitted and additional live questions on the day are also welcomed.

Not only do you receive direct advice and coaching from Brigitte but you'll get to hear what fellow members are going through; their issues, their challenges and their wins!If you can’t attend in real-time, the session will be recorded and available inside the portal.

Personal 'Clarity Calls'

A crowd favourite. Every month, 2 members can apply for a 20-30min private coaching session with me help with a real-life challenge in their business. The call is private but will be recorded and made available to everyone in the member portal.

These calls not only help and support the member having the call but all other members in their journey of growing their businesses. Find inspiration and answers to questions you have and questions you didn’t even know to ask! You’re never alone when you're a Mastermind member.

Facebook Community

Aaahhh, our Facebook group is an amazingly supportive online community. A place where you can interact with a helpful and generous community of like-minded peers who cheer you on and support you whilst going about the business of growing a profitable business.

In addition to the coaching calls, the Facebook group is also where Brigitte will be able to support you directly through answering your questions and providing you with additional strategies, tips, coaching. 

Member-Only Benefits

25% Off Private Coaching
If you ever feel you would like a private coaching session with Brigitte, whilst you’re a member, receive 25% off.
Frozen Membership Price
You are grandfathered in with the monthly fee you joined at so you don't have to worry about any future price rise.


Until November 30th, 2021

$1 for 14-days

Let's Do This!

Don’t let COVID-19 or another year to go by before you learn to run your business like an entrepreneur

My goal for all of my members is to get them off the tools at some point, enjoying making the kind of money that is NOT dependent on them doing treatments all day every day. It's about learning to leverage productivity from the people you pay. That's my superpower.

Like Candice Hamwood who was full time on the tools and since joining Mastermind is completely off the tools! That was only 15 months ago.

Or like Lisa Vong who runs 3 successful salons. Although Lisa already was off the tools before joining Mastermind, there's been a big shift in the business as well as a big shift in her as an entrepreneur.

Candice Hamwood

My business changed since finding Brigitte

I was supported to build a strategy to get completely off the tools so I can finally grow my business. This has been a game changer and something I wish I did years ago. I am also now equipped to manage a team and lead them to becoming more profitable. Brigitte is a 10 out of 10 and is with you every step of the way, to assist you with strategies to keep you moving forward and doing the RIGHT work!

Lisa Vong

I have worked with many coaches, but never with a specialist in skin/beauty treatments

 Brigitte has been a phenomenal coach as her specialisation and forward thinking, means the coaching is always relevant. How I approach the running of my business and how I communicate with my team is where I have gained immense value. I joined Mastermind at the start of April 2020 when COVID enormously impacted us with the first lockdown. Really grateful to have joined, and to be surrounded by like minded women in this supportive group. Well worth the investment!