Therapist Workbook

Are you ready to transform your therapists into an efficient, productive, profit-generating machines?

The reason  your therapists aren’t earning their highest potential revenue per hour has little to do with competency, lack of desire or indifference to the business. The primary reason therapists and therefore salon owners aren’t earning higher incomes is because salons generally don’t have the correct systems in place to ensure accountability, productivity and consistent retailiing. Most therapists don’t have the tools at their disposal to capitalise on every appointment. And since they don’t have what they need, they consistently underperform, falling short of their own and management’s expectations.

But it’s not really a reflection on their ability and talent. The bigger problem is simply that they don’t have a proper system to help them achieve their goals. They don’t have the tools to excel at their job.

The Therapist Workbook is the tool that solves this problem. It’s a powerful productivity and time management resource for beauty therapists. This workbook assists, empowers and inspires therapists to achieve the productivity levels required by management, as well as what they often wish to achieve for themselves.

 [Watch the video which explains page for page what's in the workbook and how valuable it will be to your business]

The Workbook's Features:

Carefully and Accurately Calculated Incentive Programme

The most important element of the Therapist Workbook is that CREAM Solutions has provided the salon business with both the most affordable AND most rewarding incentive programme where high productivity is rewarded with high financial incentives.

Producing $150/hour is very doable in this business and achieved by many therapists in Australia. Such a level of productivity would reward a therapist by an ADDITIONAL $270 bonus in her weekly pay. $300/hour productivity, an ADDITIONAL $1,680! 

Are you wondering how those numbers could possibly be correct and still be making a profit for the salon?

It may sound impossible, but it’s absolutely not! The math is accurate. And it makes sense. If the therapists average more $$ per hour, the salon is in a position to pay more, affordably. Believe it or not, there is an accountant-approved way to share the commission and still come in at paying out under 25% of your overall revenue (the industry benchmark is 30-35% max wages to revenue).

This incentive programme alone is worth the full price of this resource, but it’s yours for a limited time for only $199 (normally $250).

Daily Strategising

For every day of the working week, the therapist will strategise every single one of her appointments. In other words, BEFORE she meets with her client, she plans every appointment ahead of time and comes up with a strategy to enable the best possible appointment outcome; from retailing, treatment upsells and so much more covered in the instructional video. The daily Strategising form covers targeting clients and tracking production goals compared to actual production. Hourly productivity rate, rebookings and retail to treatment ratio are also calculated, tracked and monitored.

Promotional Tracking

It’s so important for every therapist to know EXACTLY what promotions are happening and the exact steps to best optimise their success. The workbook covers how to ensure this happens as well as how to target every promotion and monitor how the promotion expectation is tracking.

Client Notes and Recalls

Not a single client should go un-serviced at the highest level possible. The workbook allows the therapist to record and track client notes and required recalls for every single client she visited with in the week. Keeping accurate client notes and following up on a client as required are vital strategies in high performance. If not done EVERY time, EVERY visit without exception, the strategy will more than likely be counterproductive. Consistency is the key. Inconsistency is a productivity killer.

Other pages in the workbook cover the tracking of courses sold, communication with management and staff, personal to do list and note taking.

Once completed, it provides both the therapist and management with a complete story of how overall performance and self-accountability went in any given week. 

A comprehensive instruction video along with the document template in Word format is provided.