The Salon Website that ROI

How valuable would it be to have an employee who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, who requires no pay, and who will sell your products and services whether you pay attention or not?

Most salon owners are NOT leveraging this remarkable tool in the most productive way OR worse, they are spending buckets of $$ on desperate promotions and advertising for miniscule returns while their website sits, gathering dust in the background.

Your website should be making your life easier, your business more profitable and be constantly upselling your offerings, even when you’re fast asleep!

Your website holds incredible potential and selling power, but only if it is optimized in the right way.
It’s not hard. In fact, it’s so much easier than you think! It’s just that no one until now has actually combined the technical strategies with the salon objective, getting your website working for you,  turning readers into new clients and turning existing clients into bigger spenders.   

This comprehensive 10-video course breaks everything you need to know down into simple, manageable strategies that you can implement immediately into your salon’s website. This course has been written FOR THE SALON OWNER WITH NO INTERNET OR SEO EXPERTISE and will demystify:

  • Organic SEO Strategies
  • Optimising footers and headers
  • What pages are a must and what needs to be on them
  • How you're going to optimise each page through a myriad of strategies
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • What 'bounce rates mean and what you can to avoid them
  • Call-to-Action strategies
  • Drive leads to your salon strategies
  • Lead Magnets
  • Maximising Case Studies

You will be in control, and every bit of effort you put in, will produce real results

When you get your website right, you can position yourself as the expert in your industry, you can drive sales to your door, and you can easily be the first to come up in Google.
Wouldn’t you rather phone calls like these?

“Saw your Youtube on how to look flawless on your wedding day; Can we arrange for the entire bridal party to come in before the wedding?”
“Can you tell me more about that new treatment I read about in your blog; how can I make an appointment?”
“I saw you sell a certain line of products; are you able to put together a bunch of products in a gift basket?”

When your website is at its best, it’s earning you money and clients 24 hours a day

You can wake up to money in your bank account because someone who couldn’t sleep was purchasing a gift voucher or product from your site in the middle of the night
You receive qualified new leads every day through solid enquiries
Your promotional spending is reduced massively because you’ll be continuously be directing traffic to the best advertising medium available to you (with no ongoing costs)

The possibilities are endless!

The Videos in This Course 

Video 01 - What Your Website Can Do For Your Business
Video 02 - Unsexy but Essential Considerations
Video 03 - The 7 Most Important Pages on Your Website
Video 04 - The Home Page
Video 05 - The About Page
Video 06 - The Blog Page
Video 07 - The Services Page
Video 08 - The Products Page
Video 09 - The Case Studies Page
Video 10 - The Contact Us Page

Let me walk you through the process of building your new website or maximizing your existing website in this easy to follow course.

It’s simple.

It’s full of strategic information directed at salons, skin clinics and spas.

Increasing your website effectiveness is too easy.