How would you like to know that $5,000, $10,000 or even $40,000 in cash flow is secured every month?

This course will take you step-by-step in developing, strategising, promoting and briefing your team on creating the perfect monthly subscription programme that will secure thousands of dollars a month before you even book an appointment. 

Video 1 - The big WHY
You know, if you really want success out of anything you do, you must always have a strong 'why' behind it. Your why is your objective. When a long distance runner runs a race, his/her objective is to not only win but win in it record time. When a company goes public, it's to increase the value of it's worth (shares) and raise money and make money. When you have a promotion for selling courses, it's to get your clients accustomed to understanding that true results come from a course of treatments, as opposed to a one-of. If you can't pinpoint your 'why' with absolutely certainty, you are so behind the eight ball and if you're behind the eight ball, what hope do your team have of succeeding at what you require from them? 

In this video, I will take you through the REAL objectives of putting into place a Skin Subscription Programme into your business. I promise you'll have a smile at the end of this video!

Video 2 - The Offering
In this video, I not only give you the RIGHT benefits for the subscriber but I pull each one apart showing you exactly how it will also benefit the business. And of course, I go through the all-important conditions that will cover your tush and not offend your subscribers.

Video 3 - 'Working' It
Nothing works unless you work it. You simply can't put together such a programme and leave it work to work by itself. It just doesn't happen that way. You need the strategies to make it work and succeed. I give you the strategies, the scripts and more in this video. 

Video 4 - Promoting It
So how are you going to promote this programme? An email broadcast or a poster on the wall, just won't cut it. You'll find real and effective marketing strategies in this video

Video 5 - Briefing Your Team
It's all very nice to introduce Skin Subscriptions into your business but if your team aren't on board, if your team don't fully understand the offer, the why and what is expected of them, forget it. THEY are the ones selling it so they better be fully in the know and fully enrolled in the success of your Skin Subscription. You'll receive a formal written brief and guide to introduce Skin Subscriptions to your team. I'll even give you some ideas on inspiring and incentivising your team to sell the most subscriptions in your launch period. 

BONUS 1  - Below each video there will be an 'Ask Brigitte a Question' section where you can ask me any question you like and I'll answer you in a jiffy! 

BONUS 2 - Every day, for one week, you will receive a detailed email, holding your hand throughout putting this Skin Subscription into place in your business. You'll receive more tips and encouragement to GET IT RIGHT.