What People Say About Brigitte

"Two of my favourite women in the world, Brigitte and Oprah! Hand on heart, you have both helped me equally! Xx"

Kylie Hayden,
Face of Man

"I owe so much to BB. She helped me become a business women, not just a beauty therapist running a salon."

Eliza Souter-Robertson,
Redefine Skin Clinic

"Brigitte is one in a million. I love her no nonsense approach to achieving results and raising the bar. No matter how far up the bar you are there's always more, better, brighter, bigger success and fulfilment to be achieved. Brigitte will be direct, assertive, honest and most importantly hold you and your team to task. She will empower you with tools that you can then use forever. Brigitte has systems that make sense to staff, managers and owners that REALLY WORK! She is the ideal combination of head and heart. Not for the faint hearted. Work, focus and commitment are a necessity. Change is imminent. Mediocrity is not one if Brigitte's options. Brigitte is the consummate professional who has the passion, skills and power to assist you in achieving the business performance and life of your dreams. Don't hold back. Go for anything Brigitte has to offer. You will only fly higher!! XXx"

Debbie McGregor
Total Body Concepts

"Only two weeks into the TMDP I have already well and truly exceeded my percentage growth that I was averaging and have achieved over what I was expecting in percentage growth with still 10 weeks to go! I can only thank Brigitte Benge for getting my business here. We are a small steady business in a rural community. I know I had more to give but required the tools support and guidance that Brigitte offers and the accountability that I knew would be expected and the push to achieve what I deserve and desire. I know I couldn’t achieve this on my own. Brigitte offers everything required to become a productive skin clinic! The hard work is done. It’s literally just a membership away!"

Ashlea Field
Dream Skin and Body Clinic

"Where does one start when you talk about Brigitte Benge … Brigitte is the most amazing, giving, passionate, inspirational, practical, honest, sincere woman I know !! Her generosity of spirit is endless ! Brigitte is a brilliant Business Coach and you will never regret investing your time and money with her. It will be the best investment you make in your business and in yourself. She has developed training programs, promotions, strategies and systems for both staff and the Salon Owner. All of these are practical, clear, concise and realistic. All you have to do is implement them into your business. Brigitte offers a real heart and soul approach to all her clients … she listens, guides and advises all her clients individually. When you talk to Brigitte, you know she is listening to you! I have been a client of Brigitte for 6 years and she is my guiding star … If you are seeking a new direction in your business, or you need an amazing mentor, just do it!! Brigitte Benge is the person you have been looking for!"

Cythia Tunbridge
The Spa

"I want to share our success with Brigitte's January promotional strategy from the CREAM Mastermind Membership. For a time that’s traditionally quiet in our industry, we have had an amazing January. Our income increased 35% from last January. Our total income in January was nearly as good as our December income, only $2000 difference. The girls were busy with a booking percentage of 92%! Our overall hourly productivity increased by $10 per hour, which means every full time therapist bought an extra $1745 to the business at NO extra cost to the business! I feel the importance of this promotion is to really ‘work it’ in December. When we opened in the new year it meant our books were full already! Definitely an awesome feeling! Also by having a great January, it sets the tone for the rest of the year with the team, they are buzzing! As always thanks so much, Brigitte "

Karyn George
Rewind Skin Clinic

"I have been a client of Brigitte Benge’s for over 4 years. Throughout this time, Brigitte has helped me through a series of business-related transitions that have resulted in highly-successful outcomes. In addition, Brigitte responds to the changing face of our industry and creates courses and content to help guide us through these changes with ease and success. Having owned her own successful skincare business, Brigitte has literally put her money where her mouth is and has proved that her methods work - and they do! Brigitte is extremely generous with her wisdom, often offering courses and literature for free, and her passion for what she does is omnipresent in every word she writes and says. My business would honestly not be where it is today without the encouragement and support of Brigitte and I would urge anyone wishing to take their business to the next level to spend some time with Brigitte. You won’t regret it."

James Vivian
James Vivian Dermal Therapies

"What can I say! Brigitte Benge is a legend. She set out to change the face of the beauty industry and she is doing just that. CREAM has been the best investment I have ever made in my business. Brigitte knows her stuff and her work is just invaluable. She is so sincere and passionate about making a difference to each and every one of her clients and goes above and beyond to help us get the results. It was a huge transition for me to come off the tools so I can solely focus on the business and Brigitte was there to support and guide me all the way. I am so grateful that I am able to work with Brigitte ongoing. I think she is simply a genius."

Karen George
Skin Correctives

"I am a big fan of Cream and Brigitte. With her guidance, my business has grown strongly and I am hitting goals I didn't think were possible. I really don't think it is possible to get better business coaching and advice from others, Cream is the ONE!"

Natasha Lee,
Sanctuary Skin Care and Beauty

"Brigitte has an amazing approach and managed to turn my Clinics around - not just in profitability, but also with the staff's attitude and motivation. She helped give me my life back by helping me work on protocols and procedures. I will always remember her words "don't work IN the business, you need to work ON the business" and from there everything fell into place with her guidance. I highly recommend Brigitte, her skill, kindness, generosity, passion and drive for others to be the best is just the tip of the iceberg with this divine woman xxx"

Nancy Abdou
The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute

"I just want to give a big shout out and say THANK YOU. Since I have been working with you and been apart of CREAM Mastermind community, the vision I have always dreamed of taking my Salon is now starting to become a reality, I couldn’t have done it without your motivation and belief in me to keep on going. I will say it’s been the most challenging couple of years and you have helped to push me and my boundaries but yesterday I had a moment where I saw the hard work starting to pay off. Thank you again. I can honestly say anyone who is considering joining Cream you will never look back."

Linda Garner
Instincts Body and Skin

"Brigitte is nothing short of brilliant, insightful, EXCEPTIONAL! She has helped me change my business and my team in ways I never knew possible and in a matter of a few short months. I get back every penny and more that I invest in CREAM solutions for my salon. I devoted fan for life."

Clare Lamberth,
Beauty on Latrobe

"She's ridiculously brilliant!!!!"

Sandra Dickson,
Missie Coco

"Brigitte, Brigitte.....We set a goal this time last year. The last half of last year I worked harder than I could have ever imagined. I was back in the clinic full time after a staff member left and learning through you to work ON the business. I believed you and believed in myself because you believed in me. I was hungry to achieve my goal, though at times I wasn’t sure I was going to make it... I often felt like I was spiralling out of control but I kept my eye on the prize, OUR goal! Well here we are. And yes, I HAVE made it. I am no longer a “glorified therapist” with my business 100% reliant on me working in it. I’m making good money so can provide my family with nice things. I have a GREAT passionate, committed and loyal team. I have time with my precious family. I am PRESENT with my kids. I have booked a holiday with my family, confident that the clinic will continue to produce and flourish while I’m away. I have the flexibility to take time off when I need. I have time for ME. I have time to really concentrate on working ON the business. I’m excited to see where we take the business this year. So THANK YOU....sincerely from my heart... What you do is life changing. I have so much love and admiration for you. Ox"

Lizzy Dundee
Universal Advanced Skin and Body Clinic

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