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From a Great Therapist to a Salon Business Owner

At the present, you’re a beauty salon, skin clinic or medspa owner. But it probably didn’t start that way. Most likely, you graduated with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy or Dermal Therapies or something equivalent, and you took on a job as a beauty therapist. You worked hard; so hard that you morphed yourself into a great therapist, one that was profitable for the business and popular with the clients you served because you gave them everything they wanted – results. Consistent, ongoing results.

And then….you decided you wanted to do this for yourself, so you opened up your own business. And it didn’t take long for you to discover that running your own business is quite difficult. Way more challenging than you anticipated, in fact. You came to a realisation that being a great beauty therapist didn’t really have a lot to do with running a successful and profitable business.

Sure, being a productive, results-driven therapist helped, but it wasn’t a necessary qualification for a completely different career move. Yes, when you stopped being an employee and turned yourself into a business owner, you literally changed careers. I bet you didn’t think about it that way at the time.

What you also probably didn’t think about, was that in order to own your own business, you have to spend the MAJORITY of your time working ON the business because you can’t be a successful and profitable business owner if you’re spending most of your time doing treatments. If you’re the one making most of the revenue, you own your job but you don’t really own a business. Owning a business is about wanting something more. It’s MMTFF - More money, time, flexibility and freedom. And you’ll get none of that if you’re on the floor the whole time.


What it Takes to Become a Successful Business Owner

If you want to own a successful and profitable salon, skin clinic or medspa, then you need to master the skills of leading and managing a team with the right systems and business model, you need to do the hands-on work to ensure your team is performing at its highest level. And you need to know how to grow the business while also creating consistent and predictable revenue with the help of sound, retention-focused marketing.

Sounds like a lot? Well, it is and it isn’t. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but as soon as you master one area, it naturally evolves into learning and mastering another. What you need to know wasn’t taught in beauty school and to be honest, you could get a number of business degrees and it still wouldn’t quite get you there.

CREAM Solutions is about mastering every aspect of owning a successful and profitable beauty business. All you have to do is to start trading SOME of your on-tools hours for hours working on learning how to grow and scale your team and business. And if you’re not on the tools as much, then it’s time to start growing your business strategically.

Once you do this, you’ll love how working on your business feels, you’ll love watching more revenue pour into your business, and you’ll love that your business can run seamlessly with or without you present. You’ll love it all so much, that you’ll be glad to give up most, if not all of your on-the-tools hours. Because nothing… nothing is sweeter than more money, more time, more flexibility and more freedom while also continuing to help clients get results. After all, this is all that you wanted in the first place, wasn’t it?


Think of running a successful salon business like managing a successful music band.

The simple fact is, the band would never be successful if these three factors aren’t present.

  1. First, the band needs a brand, a personality, something unique that makes them stands out. What kind of music will they play/sing? What’s the vibe? What is the message?

  2. Second, it needs a crew or a team of talented singers and musicians. If the drummer misses beats or drops out halfway through a song, or if the vocalist only sings well SOMETIMES, that is not going to bode well for the group. Consistency and growth are vital.

  3. Finally, it needs a hook or a marketing strategy. You can’t just make one good song and hope to be a success. You need to figure out what works and keep people coming back for more, over and over. You may know the words to a one-hit-wonder song, but that doesn’t mean you’ll buy the album.


Leadership and Management Academy - LAMA

LAMA is YOUR BRAND. It’s about learning how to lead and manage a high performing team, but there’s so much that needs to be established before that can be done. Before leading, you need to get clear on who you are as a company, what your business stands for and what kind of vibe you want your business to operate at. Why should clients choose your business above all others? And it’s about creating and implementing the systems and process required so that your business runs like clockwork.

High-Performance Therapist Academy - HPTA

HPTA is YOUR CREW. It’s about learning how to train your team so that they become genuine consistent high-performers regardless of whether you are present or not. Instead of just working shifts, everything they do is centred around fulfilling two objectives: over-delivering results to their clients and maximizing revenue for the business. If every minute of your team’s time is not optimized, business profits flatline. One without the other is not real and it’s impossible to sustain. 

Marketing and Retention Academy - MARA

MARA is YOUR HOOK. It’s about separating the wheat from the chaff. There is a danger to blindly following internet cowboys out there, who are trying to teach salon owners to create rogue advertising campaigns, run endless promotions and offers, and increase ad-spend without thinking about the number one objective a beauty business needs to thrive - selling skin journeys, not single one-off treatments. Therefore marketing MUST be centred on creating and sustaining retention or else, it will fail.

And it's why the salons that trust CREAM Solutions enjoy insurmountable more success and sustained profitability than other, salons in the industry. When the vital ingredient of business sense and education is missing, well… one-hit wonders all day!



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